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Bath, Somerset

Walcot House

AGM successfully achieved planning consent for a roof terrace at Café Walcot, Walcot House a well known and much loved destination hub in Bath. This pivotal application enabled the provision of an outside space where there was no garden or possibility of pavement use and was crucial to facilitating more covers within the constraints of the building.


The application for the Grade II Listed Building posed significant challenges with the design needing to:


  • Retain and minimise impact upon key features of the original bakery

  • Minimise light and noise spill

  • Respect the close proximity of neighbouring residential properties


A delicate balance but we achieved a consent which: 


  • Fulfilled the potential of the commercial site utilising the roof to maximise floorspace

  • Created construction jobs

  • Created 2-3 permanent full time jobs post construction

  • Ensured the preservation of the buildings key features keeping the Conservation Officer happy


Crucial to facilitating more covers within the constraints of the building we enabled an outside flexibility which in these Covid times is more important than ever to this hospitality business

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