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Locksbrook Road

Twofold success for AGM with the Locksbrook Road development in Bath


AGM worked hard, within the constraints of the site, to get to a position where BANES could consent the application but stumbling blocks, predominantly based upon interpretation, meant the proposal was put forward for refusal by the Plannng Officer and was refused at Committee. 


AGM was successful at Appeal:  APP/F0114/W/20/3244862 and the decision was overturned.


The Appeal stated “the scheme would regenerate a part of the Enterprise Zone and provide off-campus student accommodation; would comply with the Development Plan and also reasonably accord with National Policy and guidance when taken as a whole”.


A second application, specifically tailored to overcome BANES objections, was run in parallel to negate the need to go to Appeal.  This was of a smaller footprint, enhanced ecological gains, more parking spaces, the retention of the local community hub/gym and changed the student accommodation from studio and cluster units to all cluster.


With the Appeal allowed there were no grounds to refuse the second application and this was subsequently consented at Committee.

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