Initial Planning Permission to Final Construction for All Types of Property Development
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Specialists In Property Planning and Design

Specialists in Property Planning and Design

Our Services

AGM Ltd is a team of specialist town and rural planning consultants.  We are based in Bath but operate across the country including London. We offer a comprehensive range of services specialising in Town and Rural Planning, Architecture, Urban Design, Heritage and Conservation and can provide expert advice on a range of planning issues encompassing small scale development through to larger schemes.

Property Planning

Planning is a vital component of the property development process. AGM Ltd are equipped to advise on all forms of property and can cover each stage of planning and development.

Project Management

AGM Ltd not only help you gain approval for your planning we can also manage your project.  We liaise on your behalf with whomever necessary to ensure your project is completed quickly, smoothly and to the highest standard possible.

Other Services

We are able to put together planning rebuttals which can be presented to the local authority during consulting phases of planning applications, to not only present your views but also provide material planning arguments why a proposal should or shouldn't be permitted.

If your planning application has already been refused, we will take appropriate measures by either resubmitting a revised scheme or should it be deemed appropriate, we shall take the proposal through the appeals process, in a professional manner.

Case Studies

AGM Ltd are experts in all areas of planning. Here you can find some of our past Urban and Agricultural projects as well as projects to do with Listed Buildings as examples of our work.

 Equestrian Planning 

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